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more on wanting

a few more thoughts relating to this post:

The first problem is that I do want it all now. I'm sick of dating, I'm sick of worrying about money, I'm sick of not spending money on anything for fear it will be what breaks the bank and sends me back east with my tail between my legs. I know this is an unrealistic desire, but nonetheless it's taking a toll on my will to keep going.

The second problem is focus. I want so many different things, all so badly, that it's very difficult to concentrate on one at a time, and I never seem to get anywhere on anything unless I do immerse myself in it for some period of time. But when I immerse myself in doing artwork, I don't get anywhere on selling it; when I try to sell it, I fret that I don't have enough finished work (as an example).

The third problem is that some of these things, the family in particular, I want so desperately that I think it's blinding me to reality. I'm looking so hard for the goal that I fail to notice when the road in front of me is in fact a yawning crevasse. I'd like to be able to just relax and take things as they are - that path will be little if any slower than the other, and much less risky or stressful. But in order to do that I would have to distance myself from my desires, or force myself to not map them to present circumstances, which ain't happenin'.

So saying I want too much isn't that I want too much in any moral sense - but that my desires are tripping me up and blinding me, making it much harder to actually satisfy any of them, much less ever achieve the whole package.


Feb. 6th, 2003 07:42 pm (UTC)
You are acquiring these things. Now.

You seem to me surrounded by people who have the same dreams of family you do.

Relax, trust.

As you are working toward your personal goals of becoming an artist, traveling, and following your spiritual path, your tribe will be drawn to you as you wield the power of the universe to create the future you desire.

I can completely understand the desire to not worry about money. Tough shit is really all I have been able to come up with on that one. Things are pretty likely to get tougher for the whole country here shortly. If money is what you want, you could go back to a job you really hate(I think). Is the freedom and security gained by it worth the cost?

You are beautiful and dynamic and there are many eyes upon you. You seem to be doing a damn fine job living your life and chasing your dreams. Your tribe will appear.

One day, one project, one phone call, one paragraph, one painting at a time. Living the dream, walking into your future.


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