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with reference to my earlier post...

I forgot to add "And I want it NOW" to the end.

Now is it too much? :)


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Feb. 6th, 2003 11:18 pm (UTC)
Now, tell me again how you managed to get to adulthood without being diagnosed with A.D.H.D.?
At least those of us with the predominantly inattentive form of A.D.D. have a reason why we don't get our diagnoses in childhood. Nobody notices that we have checked out of school etc. because we're bored. But the hyperactive ones usually get diagnosed early.

The reason I mention this yet again is that you are like a walking checklist for ADD. And I know that it had to be worse for you in childhood.

You want it now? Of course you do. :)

That has been the bane of my existence since I was a wee thing. Nobody has ever understood why it's imperative that it all happen now. Without it happening now, I am understimulated and bored and I just "go away", drifting in the ADD fog, or worse hyperfocus on some useless but interesting something. Chaos is my happy friend, even if it has made me miserable more times than I would care to admit. Have I learned to act like having it right now isn't necessary? Yes. Is that my reality? No. But, alas, it is the reality of all the standard brain people out there. So I temper my stuff to get along. And I take my drugs religiously because without them, I can't even begin to function in their world. (and personally, I find that world a bit odd, always have, but it's what is out there)

Have you thought about a med change? Not so you really can believe that not having things right now is okay, but so that you can function better in a world that demands that oddity. I went through 3 different meds before I found one that offered me the maximun benefit with the minimun rollercoaster.

Just random thoughts. After all, this could just be a down in the dumps rant for you and that's okay. We all need them.
Feb. 7th, 2003 12:34 am (UTC)
Re: Now, tell me again how you managed to get to adulthood without being diagnosed with A.D.H.D.?
I went undiagnosed for so long because all the inattentiveness could be explained by my hearing. Gotta love those confounding factors :)

I have been thinking that I'd like to try a med change - sadly, I have no health insurance and no money for a psychiatrist (my regular doctor will continue to prescribe adderall, but can't make any changes). I'm sure it could be better, but I'll manage as is (as long as I can vent and whine once in a while:).
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