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meme # 382,910

Ok, I like this one (thanks to dr4b). If you want to play the game, do your own answers before looking at mine.

1. I feel like______
2. We are so immersed in_______
3. Fondle the________
4. Imagine what it would be like if______
5. If you avoid______
6. Enter the______
7. I really wish______
8. Please don't______
9. Umbrellas make______

1a. A lot of people______
2a. Cure my______
3a. Mom insists on______
4a. Breathe in the______
5a. Capitalism will______
6a. Anarchy will______
7a. Everything I know______
8a. Give her the room to______
9a. I think that you are______

1. I feel like screaming from the top of a mountain
2. We are so immersed in the now that we forget to look at where we want to be.
3. Fondle the lemmings
4. Imagine what it would be like if we believed that everyone meant well.
5. If you avoid conflict, conflict comes after you with an axe.
6. Enter the arena
7. I really wish life didn't keep getting harder.
8. Please don't assume
9. Umbrellas make good sailboats

1a. A lot of people are purple.
2a. Cure my loneliness
3a. Mom insists on being someone you love.
4a. Breathe in the air, don't be afraid to care
5a. Capitalism will reduce to absurdity
6a. Anarchy will expand to insanity
7a. Everything I know is wrong
8a. Give her the room to find home
9a. I think that you are all a bunch of raving loonies!

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