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I am Miowara Shiro, the small and psychopathic

I have the Crick From Hell in my neck this morning. Ow.

Went to a party last night - they had one of those gift exchange thingies where you can either open a new package or steal one that someone else has already opened - and the only limitation on what you could steal was that you couldn't steal what someone had just stolen from you.. It was highly amusing, especially when loops started forming - person A stole the Hindi goddess statue from person B, who stole the bulbs from person C, who stole the goddess statue from A, who stole the bulbs from B, who....ad until-someone-got-bored.

I unfortunately never got to steal anything - I opened a package of pastel crocheted potholder thingies, and was feeling (mildly) irked about it since nobody else wanted to steal them - until I found the ending knot of one of the potholders and unraveled the entire thing. Now *that* was fun. And I have three more still! It's as good as bubble wrap!!

I've now rearranged my bedroom as well as the main room - attempted to make things slightly less non-4-year-old-proof (since I don't think it's possible to actually make it 4-year-old-proof, especially not this particular 4-year-old).

It's impressive how psychologically refreshing it is to rearrange your physical surroundings. I got so much art done yesterday in the new setup - I think the nicest thing about it is I now have three separate working areas (not counting my computer) so I can have multiple projects going at once, as I prefer, without necessarily making everything a huge mess.

Ahh, the Aleve is kicking in, and so is the Adderall. Interesting combination. I'm slightly loopy, but in a very focused manner....

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