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Why, oh, why is it so darn difficult to get rid of stuff?

Example. I got a button maker in high school, along with a buttload of button parts. I'm not really interested in making buttons right now, nor do I think it will come up in the near future - moreover, I think it would cost me less to buy the stuff new than to ship what I already have to Seattle (yeah, I know, it's bizarre).

I should just dump it. But I can't shake the aversion to letting all this potentially useful stuff rot in a landfill. If I could recycle all the button parts I don't think I'd have such a problem with it.

And then there are the books. Boxes of them, that I don't have room for at home, but again refuse to throw them away. At least they can go to Goodwill. It's hard for me to get rid of anything, but it's easier if there's at least a possibility someone else will get some use out of it.

I don't like being so attached to Stuff. I'd really prefer to be perfectly happy without being surrounded by pretty things. I've gotten a lot better about acquiring new Stuff, but the desire for novelty and stimulation is so strong that it's still a wrench to leave new pretty things behind. I think our culture is far too materialistic, and yet I can't let go of materialism in myself. I don't like this contradiction. Grr.

Anyway, back to packing. I may actually get a full night of sleep tonight - weird.


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Jan. 20th, 2003 09:05 pm (UTC)
i know what you mean.
i find the following very useful: reuse@mit.edu, GreaterBoston-reuse@aq.org

email one or both with the description of the stuff you need to get rid of and how they can get it (do they need to get to where the stuff is, can someone d rop the stuff nearer camrbdieg/boston)

don't know if this is useful to you now as you're going away and i don't know if there are people in the places your stuff is who are willing to coordinate with the reusers, but it's good for getting rid of stuff an d not feeling like you're filling the landfill or filling your closets...F
Jan. 21st, 2003 08:37 am (UTC)
We are bombarded every day with messages and images telling us to buy stuff. We have been subjected to advertising since we were children. Having the right stuff will make our lives happy/easy/fulfilling don't you know?
The longer I live without TV, the more disgusted I become with advertising in general. It is impossible to get away from. Buses, billboards, newspapers, magazines telling me to CONSUME!
Any body else go to a grocery store, look around, and think "Isn't this a little excessive?"
Live simply so that others may simply live.
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