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Arisia is over

First, the art show report:
Ok, so I didn't sell that much, but I didn't do half bad either. I sold one copy of each of the four prints I had there, plus at the last minute I sold Dryad to none other than Andrew Looney!

But best of all: Gaia won the Judges Choice Award!!!</a>

And then there were the games: Star Munchkin, lots and lots of Volcano (made it to the next-to-last round in the tournament), MEGA Volcano (MEGA Volcano! MEGA Volcano!), and Pikeman (another Icehouse game). I bought two more Icehouse stashes so I can finally addict people on my coast to Volcano as well.

And the panels: as usual, far more looked interesting on the schedule than I actually made it to, but I did make it to the two polyamory panels and a discussion of printmaking for digital art, which were all quite interesting. I did *not* go to the Livejournal panel, though LJ was mentioned in both the poly panels and at least one person had [username]@livejournal on her name tag.

And speaking of Livejournal, the obligatory people-I-saw list (in no particular order): tikva, pancua, wyndam, fraterrisus, ubiquity, wandelrust, the_gwenzilliad, pixel, plymouth, eustaciavye, antimony, dphilli1, ts52, awfief, mycroft, jadasc, and anyone else I forgot. And the Loonies. And Zarf.

And, of course, the stuff I didn't buy: leather arm-dragon ($75), braided-silver tiara ($20), lunch money t-shirt ($20), perky goth t-shirt ($20), Kids For Cthulhu! Tentacle-lickin' good! t-shirt ($20), leather Bast mask ($180), and more gorgeous artwork than I could fit if I were to wallpaper the Pentagon with it ($[something ridiculous]). Including the not-for-sale cover painting for Samurai Cat (!!).

And the things that didn't fit into any of the above categories: Pop-Tarts, drum/dance circle, lots of silly ribbons, my dragon wings (which came off pretty well - didn't enter the Masquerade, but a number of people told me I should have done so :), six people sleeping in two twin cots and a queen-size bed, baby-sucking toilets, scary elevators.

And finally, a few choice buttons, ribbons, and quotes from the weekend:
-Cats are poetry in motion. Dogs are pure gibberish on speed.
-Bisexual, proud, and queer of it.
-Vanilla. Monogamous. Sorry.
-Bisexual poly switch: I'm not indecisive, I'm greedy!
-"I'll just lay it out there and see what I attract." --fraterrisus, referring to a "game", he says. uh-huh. sure.

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