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last-minute rush as always

clothes mostly packed. laundry *completely* done. went to ups to pick up my packaging supplies (talk about getting here in the nick of time...).

My prints look almost professional or something on these nice white backing boards folded in neat clear plastic (sealable, even) bags. Five Source_Lights, three Source_Nights, two Astartes, and four LiftedByWinds down - two Source_Nights, three Astartes, one LiftedByWind, and five something_elses to go.

Packing the artwork is proving to be a challenge. I don't actually have any big enough boxes for Gaia&co. There may be an early-morning run to a shipping-stuff store tomorrow.

But all things considered, I'm less last-minute than I have been in the past. I might not sleep tonight, but it'll be because I'm finishing up stuff that it would be nice to have done, rather than stuff I *have* to have done before I leave. Really.

And damn I'm glad I didn't make my dragon wings any bigger. They *barely* fit in the suitcase. (No, they're not done yet, but nearly. I should be able to finish them still before Arisia.)

I think Seattle is taunting me with the weather. Clear, sunny, *beautiful* 50-degree days, laughing their heads off that I'm on my way to New England in *January*. And not to go skiing, either.

(I betcha as soon as I get back it will revert to normal Seattle winter. Not that we've seen much of that so far this year.)


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Jan. 8th, 2003 06:00 am (UTC)
Heh, a coworker of mine just flew out here from Seattle yesterday and was lamenting the difference in the weather between here and there.

Good luck with the pictures and prints.
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