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I shall not go quietly
I shall not go quietly
I shall not go.

You will not have me
soul-sucking vampire of apathy,
coercing wretched masses to accept
imprisonment without complaint.
I claim my right to do my will
though the will of all the world
be amassed against me.
I claim my life, I claim my livelihood
You shall not drive the passion from me,
you shall not coerce me into giving up
before I have even begun.

I will bring idea into sight
I will make form from thought
I will put it out there for all the world to see
This is my will.
This is my joy.

With each setback comes
the overwhelming urge to turn aside.
How vain, foolish, naive I must be
to think I could live a dream.
The voices whisper of a calmer, simpler life -
One where thought and growth are but nuisances
to a well-ordered society.
That control I seek? Control of my destiny?
It will only bring pain, confusion, conflict
the antithesis of a well-ordered society.

I swear by the stars that sing to me of possibilities without end
I swear by the ocean that calls me beyond the next horizon
I swear by these hands that shape my vision into willing words
I shall not go.



Dec. 28th, 2002 03:37 pm (UTC)
Re: doh
No confusion, hon. I understand and I have read The Artist's Way, however my form of ADD makes it such that I don't retain details from books or movies. I used to find that disconcerting. Now, I just see it as an opportunity to read the good ones over and over again.
Dec. 29th, 2002 06:55 pm (UTC)
Re: doh
hey~! that's exactly how I am too.

I can always enjoy a movie about 4 - 5 times.. while still having no clue what will happen next.

for me.. it seems like there is no middle ground... I either 'cant' remember the movie'.. or I"ve seen it so many times that I have it memorized.


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