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(not to be confused with one fish, two fish, red fish, or smoked salmon)

Finally saw Shrek. Yes, I know, it's an impossible travesty that I could have managed not to see it until now. I seem to have done that with a lot of movies. But I'm feeling better now (at least with regards to Shrek).

Yesterday: went to joystormer's dad's house[1], otherwise known as the Scary Christmas Animatronics Refuge (SCAR). Took some pictures, watched The Edge (had some technical goofs[2], but not bad - and I think I need to see more stuff with Anthony Hopkins. Damn, he's good).

Then came back to Seattle to a lovely party at krow's house. There was much interesting conversation. There was Invader Zim (magnificent, but damn, I wish there had been subtitles - understood about three lines. *sigh*). There was also a hot tub with fourteen people, no bathing suits, three rubber duckies, a plastic pufferfish, and miscellaneous wind-up floating things[3]. And there was much rejoicing.

[1]In Bonney Lake, which is supposedly right next to Mount Rainier. But I watched the whole way and *I* didn't see any mountain. I'm tellin ya, that thing's a matte painting!

[2]At least they applied the tourniquet *above* the gushing arterial wound. I saw a bad lethal-weapon-style b-movie once where a guy got shot and his partner put on a tourniquet *below* the wound. Oh yeah, *that's* going to help.

[3]More specifically: a shark, a wooden rubber-band boat, a gray submarine, a blue submarine, and a yellow submarine.

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