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(no, that's not mood swings, the splats are me hitting the walls....)

tried going without adderall at work today, fortified with a liter of mountain dew and later a liter of coke. it worked pretty well - I wasn't completely coordinated, but I didn't screw anything up and I didn't get insufferably bored either.

of course, it may be that using caffiene as a substitute for adderall defeats the point of going without the adderall, but it's interesting as an experiment if nothing else....

also got confirmation from Shannon that she is hoping to hire me back on in February or March, which is cool - means I don't have to coordinate my trip to boston with her, have a few weeks to catch up on firesea stuff, and will likely have my motorcycle by then, which will make the commute much easier. it will also be much less hectic then, which means I can work on completing my photographer training. and stuff. w00teth.

going dancing tonight with sea_gaagii and joystormer - Real Dancing (tm), apparently, which will be interesting (as the only partner dancing I am at all familiar with is the kind you do on ice). I'm going on the theory that if I look drop-dead gorgeous nobody will notice that I have no idea what I'm doing :)

*boingggggggg* (sound trailing off as I happen to boing through an open door and out into the yard)
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