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so yeah. I did the "something impulsive." (Sorry, Jason, you lose - it has nothing to do with hampsters or goats.)

The stone is hematite. If that doesn't keep me grounded, nothing will!

I got it done at Laughing Buddha in Capitol Hill. The place is very cool; funky and friendly, but clean and professional in all the right places. I may well go back there when it comes time to get my next tattoo.

The sensation of getting it done barely rates the word "pain" - it was kinda like the "hard pinch" doctors always say shots will be. Since then it's been mildly uncomfortable every so often. But it was still enough to give me quite the euphoria rush afterwards!

Yay. I'm happy. I probably shouldn't have spent the money, but it was something I've been wanting for a long time. (And it'll help me put off getting the tattoo a little longer, which'll probably cost at least three times as much...)

On the downside of life, I've developed a large and annoying pimple underneath where my watchband usually is. Aw heck.

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