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had an epic-style dream last night (first one in *ages* - but I used to have them pretty regularly). one image from it has stuck in my head - my mother and I were touring someone's house, and they had an extra kitchen in the basement with a walk-in pantry. we go into the pantry, and it's filled with dictionaries (for all languages). and national geographics.

now *that*'s cool.

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    A problem with spending so much time on a wide variety of social media: I keep wanting to reblog, retweet, or "like" Livejournal posts.

  • This cheered me up after a craptastic day.

    ...May it cheer you up too.

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    Never have I been so glad to see the door hit the ass-end of January on the way out. Here, have some hilarity to celebrate. An excerpt, from the…

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