Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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ok, I think Seattle weather has hit with a vengeance, finally, after being pretty much gorgeous for all but a week since I moved out here. wet wet wet wet wet. not that wet is bad, or unexpected.

I really don't have time to write this morning, as I have to leave in ten minutes and still need to get dressed, get pics of the artwork I don't have hard copies of on my camera, get all my stuff together, call my new chiropractor, finish - uh, ok, that list is not getting done in ten minutes no matter what I do.


but anyway. life is decent. some bad crap happened over the last couple of days but I think it's all either resolved or well in hand. I wish I had some time today to just sit around and paint, but it doesn't look like I will... maybe this evening if I'm lucky.

arrarar. camera's not cooperating. oh well. now it really is time for me to go.

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