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multiple intelligence test

(from http://www.ldrc.ca/projects/miinventory/)
linguistic: 37
math: 34
visual/spatial: 41
kinesthetic: 44
naturalistic: 40
music: 39
interpersonal: 20
intrapersonal: 37

these aren't *that* far off base, but the test was a piece of crap. so many questions that should apply to multiple categories, but they each only applied to one. they also seem to think that interpersonal intelligence only manifests in large groups of people, which I think is bullshit. (for example, I'm really good at interacting with and understanding just one or two people - but there were no questions that applied to that.)

I also don't think these categories should exist in parallel; some tend to be either/or (like visual/spatial versus kinesthetic, or interpersonal versus intrapersonal); but others complement each other (like naturalistic and kinesthetic, or math and music). it's possible they took this into account, but it doesn't look like it.

ok, enough armchair criticism - it's making me bitchy.
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