Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

I woke up this morning to a solid grey sky, so low and opaque I could feel the weight of it. My first thought was "ok, *that*'s more like it....". Not that I haven't liked the gorgeous weather of the last few days, but it was a bit surreal.

Rachel: I'll email you on this one.

Eric (who asked if I've been hearing impaired all my life): yes. However, the impairment wasn't discovered until I was four, and my nursery school teachers realized I never responded to anyone unless I was looking at them.

Katy: What do I want to happen at Arisia? I want to have fun, see my friends, sell all my artwork, and make contacts for commissions that'll make me a million bucks :)

Jason ("Why can't you resist? For the love of god, why?"): because I'm a weenie!

Rachel ("How do you unify all the forces into a single equation?": Hot glue and bobby pins.

Matt ("what will be the peek price of Microsoft Stock before April 12th?"): The peek price will be $12.50 for the first five seconds, $2.00 per second thereafter. Good thing you didn't ask about the peak price, 'cause that, I have no idea :)

Owen ("what is the point of it all?"): being yourself. Doing those things that you like doing, in the way that only you can. And strawberries.

I'll answer more questions if you post 'em.

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