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Like, wow. And stuff.

I think it's finally sunk in that I'm actually here.

So the apartment rules. It's small, but has high ceilings, big windows, and lots of wrong angles, so it feels larger and is visually interesting. There's no view from the apartment itself (beyond a very pretty backyard) but if you go out to the front sidewalk and look left you get a wonderful shot of the Olympics, complete with sunset in the evening. Jarrett and I got everything unloaded yesterday without too many injuries, and as far as I can tell, nothing got seriously damaged. The place smells a bit musty, but it's gradually airing out, and I've figured out where pretty much everything is going to go. The only part that's really going to be a tight squeeze is my books (and I was expecting that).

Both yesterday and today I walked for miles around Fremont and Wallingford, and have so far found: two music stores (one of which has a great classical sheet music collection, and djembes, and rent-to-own guitars...); a tattoo parlor; a sushi bar; the hq of the Fremont Arts Council (complete with giant bronze pig-on-wheels out front); three or four Whole-Foods-style groceries; the local Wells Fargo branch; 287,550 independent bookstores; and 9,821,033 thrift stores. Have I mentioned that I love this city?

I should have land-line phone service by Wednesday; don't know how much longer after that it will take me to get dsl, but at least at that point I can pick up a free earthlink cd or something somewhere and not have to get someone to drive me to Bothell to check my email :)

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