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erk. i've also managed to get poison ivy, looks like. a relatively mild case compared to some I've seen, but still the worst I've had. not sure if I caught it from Katy or from somewhere in the backyard - it's been too long to have caught it from the field where we watched the leonids (which is where she probably got it). dunno.

of course, the most annoying thing about this is not the itching (neosporin's got that reasonably under control) but that every time I get an itchy spot I feel restrained from scratching it for fear I'll end up spreading the poison ivy. I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be contagious at this point, but I'm not sure. I *thought* I wasn't that allergic to it. boo.

aaaanyway. yeah. stuff. hi. time to figure out what I'm doing today.

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