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the basement closet is completely empty, swept, and vacuumed. (it probably should be scrubbed, but I'm not doing that now - allergies are bad enough as it is.)

discovered: a buttload of ancient mac software, some of which is actually pretty nice stuff, or was once upon a time (full edition of photoshop 3.0, director 5, illustrator 5.5); a few metric tons of miscellaneous computer parts, most of which are probably broken (if they weren't before they went into that black dust-filled pit, they are now), but some of it might be salvageable if anyone wants to play with it; and a fairly decent sized closet which could probably get turned into a nice walk-in tool closet with a minimum of effort. won't quite work for the rack, unfortunately.

sadly, the pen for my graphics tablet is still AWOL. It's terribly tempting to break down and get a new tablet entirely, since this one is six or seven years old anyway.... then I'd definitely need a USB hub (have five devices and four ports now).

also discovered was a dsl modem, which I'll probably take with me, as it looks like dsl is everywhere in seattle, and that'll save me $100 or so in setup costs.


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