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It's monday. And I'm not going to work today.

I'm not going to work tomorrow.

I'm not *going* to work for at least a month, hopefully forever.

I *am* my work. My work is where I am, my work *is* what I am, my Work is my Will.

The initial euphoria has worn off. Now I feel excited and terrified and nervous and confused and a little disoriented. I've been working for this for so long, and now, *poof*, it's here. It seems a little too easy, despite how hard the last few months/years have been. And I know the hard part is yet to come. But this was/is the cusp, the mental transition point. This is where I say, I, my time, and my mind belong to myself and no one else.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Yes. Oh, yes.....

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