Heather Keith Freeman (jnanacandra) wrote,
Heather Keith Freeman

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today == good

finally got all the miscellaneous hardware bits I was missing to set up the modem - put that together, installed the TTY software, and called MetLife.

(I can already tell what's going to annoy me about using a TTY regularly - people on the other end seem to insist on talking to me in the third person, i.e. "tell her that she needs to... ask her if....". natural enough reaction in someone unfamiliar with the idea of a relay, but it still bugs me. it does bug me far less than saying "what? what?" every two seconds, though.)

my other big accomplishment for the day was finishing a complete section of the front walk - stones inlaid, mulched, edging trimmed, and everything. And damn, it looks good. *beam*

I should figure out what I'm doing for dinner before the game starts. Note to self: post later about party and trip scheduling.

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