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peripatetic - because I like to say 'peripatetic'

Well, I finally got a new project at work, after three weeks of badgering my boss for new stuff to do. Of course, now I'm waiting around for him to send me the info I need to start work on it, but this time I've written myself a reminder of when he said he would do it and when I should bug him if he hasn't done it yet. Maybe I can keep myself on track that way.

In other news, I'm now fairly sure I have seasonal depression. My family thought that when I was in high school, but using a sun lamp didn't work. But I just did some more research and it looks like a) light therapy doesn't work on everyone; b) a sun lamp wasn't the right thing to use; c) we probably weren't using it right anyway. So if I can just remember over the summer maybe I can keep myself from getting depressed next winter.

Here's a paradox of my life; whenever I sleep more, I'm more tired during the day. And the instinct to sleep more whenever possible is so strong that I can't remind myself of this in the morning and get up when I'm supposed to.

I think part of the problem is also that sitting in front of a computer all day doesn't do my metabolism much good. I don't get daylight, I don't get physical exercise - is it any real wonder I'm tired a lot?

So enough of that. The plants in my garden are actually starting to grow! I'm really excited, even if the rose and raspberry have probably died. I'm not sure how long to wait before ripping them up and planting something else, or just planting something new next to them, or if I should try extra food or something. Oh well, *something* is growing now, so I don't feel so bad.

The bird feeder got destroyed the other day. A couple of the plastic perches were ripped out and I found the remnants on the ground - one decently sized piece and a whole bunch of splinters. Birds don't have the strength for that, so I'm guessing a stray cat came by and pounced. I got a new birdfeeder that's made of wood instead of plastic and hopefully will stand up better to wandering feline predations.

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