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I respect gothfru for her emotional honesty, for her unflagging appetite for life. I respect her writing ability, and her willingness to try to do things she doesn't think she's good at.

I respect fraterrisus for his methodicalness. I respect him for the effort he is making to find himself. I respect him for managing to deal with his mother without becoming completely psychotic.

I respect shoebox_bird for her appetite for knowledge and her enthusiasm. I respect her ability to work with people, and look at workplace politics as just another part of the job rather than a festering slime mold of evil. I respect her photographic skills.

I respect alegria_a for her determination, focus, and organizational abilities. I respect both the compromises she made and the things she refused to compromise on when planning her wedding. I respect her for the care she's taken in training and raising her cats. I respect her ability to write thank-you notes.

I respect ezzie00 for his steadiness. I respect the importance his family has for him. I respect him for the friendship, support, and advice he's given to both Jarrett and me over the years.

I respect ef2p for his responsibility. I respect him for pulling off an ECE degree in two years. I respect his ability to deal with logistical crap, and to take control in a crisis.

I respect cortneyofeden for somehow managing to not be like her mother. I respect her unfailing cheerfulness, and her caring for her friends. I respect her stubborness.

I respect kaote for her artistic and magical abilities. I respect her putting up with a shit job for six months, and then quitting that job for one she loves, even though it doesn't pay as well. I respect her neverending enthusiasm.

I respect tikva for her intelligence and desire to help others. I respect her volunteer work. I respect her self-reliance and confidence.

I respect meerkat299 for his steadiness and his care for other people. I respect him for the concerted effort he is making to recover from his depression. I respect the lengths he goes to to make me happy. I respect his patience.

I respect wyndam for his ability to come up with an idea, plan its execution, and do it, all in one fell swoop. I respect him for the generosity he shows to others. I respect him for his bluntness and honesty.

I respect myself for being adaptable, for always finding new sources for enthusiasm and optimism. I respect myself for being self-aware enough to (usually) realize when I'm being hypocritical or inconsistent. I respect myself for having the stubborness to keep going on something even when everyone else thinks I'm nuts.

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