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so, my laptop has never been able to see the local network here at home. yesterday we tried to fix this. now I can't log in to the laptop at all.

The one change we made was to change the network id from domain: mitre.org to workgroup: WORKGROUP. In hindsight, it makes perfect sense: the password I'm using is for the mitre.org domain, and it's now looking for the password I was using before I joined that domain.

On the plus side, that was only ~six months ago (for various reasons I wasn't actually part of the right domain for most of the time I've worked there). On the minus side, I was changing my password every 30 days, so I have no idea now what it was. I've tried all the passwords I can remember using, and of course none of them work.

So, anyone know how to hack win2k? :)
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