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Advertisements that say "Save 50% off on XXX!"

This just reeks of the buzzword mentality - the more buzzwords you stick in an ad, the better chance you (supposedly) have of getting your point across. Even if it DOESN'T MAKE SENSE.

When you abuse language like that, you strip it of meaning. Communication becomes a kludge of first impressions and associations. Rather than having to think about the things you're told, you're encouraged to absorb them subconsciously, without questioning that newer is better or that you trust this company.

Listen to the words of a car commercial on tv sometime. I guarantee you most if not all of these words will be in it: "new", "best in its class", "quality", "value", "you need", "you want", "don't wait". What does it *mean*? Usually, just about nothing.

This isn't limited to advertising. The only way you get anywhere in the business world is also with buzzwords *at the expense* of content. Don't try to submit a proposal without being interdisciplinary, adaptive, goal-oriented, synergistic, and of course, quality.

How about politics? "Freedom", "terrorism", "patriotism", "moral", "community", "privacy", "education". All words with actual legitimate meanings that have been stripped of their content by stereotyping and overuse.

*two hours later after getting distracted by a conversation with shoebox_bird*

Hungry, and can't remember where I was going with this. Maybe I'll post another draft later, or just see what discussion of this ensues.

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