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So. Getting the tattoo was both better and worse than I expected. Worse in that the pain was pretty bad; better in that I managed the pain better than I would have thought I could, and the endorphin rush was something else! Practice for childbirth or something :)

The initial outlining was about as bad as I expected; like a long hard cat scratch, not really a problem. But then he went to filling it in, and that sucked. I think it was worse because it was staying in one place for longer, and since this was on my shoulder blade a lot of it was right on or near bone. It took an hour and 45 minutes, but I had no real sense of time after about a half hour in.

For pain control techniques I cycled between circular breathing, gnawing my fingers off, visualization, and reciting the Book of the Law (that last ended up with me channeling Nuit briefly, which was...incredible).

He commented several times in an impressed manner that I picked a big one for my first, so I feel all macho now.

I've gotten Tara to start a LiveJournal now, ha! The meme spreads!

Y'know, I really should start doing work now.
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