March 27th, 2012



I'm going to Wiscon!

..that is, if I can find a roommate or three.

Are you going? Do you know someone who is? Do you/they have a bed spot going unused? I will stay at the Inn on the Park if I absolutely have to, but I want/borderline need a spot at the Concourse so I can crash mid-day without saving spoons for the walk down the block.

Prefer relatively quiet, non-smoking roomies; gender doesn't matter. Need a room for Thursday-Sunday nights, but I can find somewhere else for Thursday if your room doesn't start til Friday. For references, see my roomies from last year: dancingsinging, jinian, and meganbmoore; shadesong can also vouch for me being a decent-ish sort of person, if painfully shy.

(Yes, I've posted to the Wiscon community. Got one nibble which I saw too late to make use of.)

Signal boosting appreciated as well.