March 3rd, 2011

be a light


Have you ever experienced the phenomenon where you finally understand some glorious concept, and you find yourself using the same words to describe it to others that others fruitlessly used to describe it to you before you had that flash of comprehension? Words do not bring understanding; understanding brings understanding. Understanding - standing under. Receiving, absorbing, surrendering. We are so small, for all that we define our entire universe. Understanding of both our smallness and our power are necessary to achieve the perfect balance.

We have been taught all our lives to deny the divinity within, to separate ourselves, slice ourselves into little bite-sized pieces. The mother. The worker. The sister. The daughter. The friend. We can recognize that we are divine; and we can recognize that divinity sits without as much as within, no more and no less. We can fight to overcome our programming of separateness; and we can use it to under-stand. For there is no under-standing one's self.