September 3rd, 2009

aiden & mama 2 years

Guess who is three years old!

In three years, this -

has turned into

Yup. Today, my little 9/3 baby is three years old.

He knows all his letters, both their names and their sounds. He gleefully sings the alphabet song every chance he gets, even if it is the 24- and sometimes 22-letter versions (minus L and N, and sometimes T and U). He can also sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star complete with hand motions, and when he really likes his dinner he will sing NOM NOM NOM to the same tune. Even cuter, he will make up songs, which usually go something like "Elephant song, elephant song.... elephant song, elephant songgggg!"

Oh. Elephants. "A-a-funt!" He LOOOOVES elephants. And Animusic. And Doctor Who. I made him a TARDIS out of cardboard boxes and we're painting it blue together.

He's a puzzle genius! 50-piece puzzles are *easy* for him, and he can do 100-piece ones with a little help. He also loves making domino chains, and letters out of dominos, and running little cars down a track to knock them down. Rube Goldberg machines are not far away.

He's been going nuts on Starfall, a flash website designed to help preschoolers learn to read. At this rate I think he will be reading fluently by four - he's already recognizing some words (notably "Aiden" and "zoo"). And he's good enough with my laptop that I can leave him with it and that website for up to an hour and he'll be perfectly happy. Scary little geek child....

We are potty training! We started a couple of months ago, got discouraged, pushed again a couple of weeks ago, and in the last few days he seems to be starting to get it. Sticker bribery seems to have helped turn that corner!

His imagination has really been taking off. The other day in Steak'n'Shake he turned his chicken nugget into an airplane, then a flying dog. Zoom! Woof! Chomp!

If he has a problem, it's that he's not as well socialized as he could be. He doesn't hang out with kids outside of daycare (we're working on that, but we're antisocial hermits so it's hard), and has a tendency to just take toys from his friends even when he knows the words to ask nicely. He'll use "please" and "thank you" with us - sometimes even without being prompted! - but not with other kids. His vocabulary is also a bit behind relative to other kids his age, though it has absolutely exploded in the last six months, in part due to the wonderful daycare he has here. It's hard for me with my hearing issues to have no idea what he's trying to say - though Andrei and Courtney assure me they usually don't get it either. So his daycare teachers are a little concerned. We're keeping an eye on it, but I see him relative to where he's been rather than relative to the other kids, so I'm not worried. Much. (I'm a parent, I can't help but fret a little.)

Just about everyone who meets him comments on what a happy and bright little kid he is.