April 4th, 2009

cat: PANIC!


Am currently stuck in hotel room, sleeping toddler on chest, w/nothing but phone for distraction, so you get a post! Hurray!

So we are in St. Louis at last. Drive was loooooong but went well. Only Iowa was really painful and well, they get a pass for yesterday's news (same-sex marriage ban lifted). Aiden adapted remarkably well to being in the car all day. We made tourist stops at Devil's Tower in WY and Wall Drug in SD, both fun. Want to go back to SD for a "real" vacation sometime. There's so much nifty and beautiful stuff there if you're willing to put up with the work to get there.

Our cunning plan to twitter/LJ the trip was thwarted by the utter lack of cell coverage between Spokane and Kansas City, and poor internet at best at the hotels we stopped at.

Anyway. We're here. Got in late Thurs. about an hour behind wavecrest09, who was driving the moving truck. tzaddi_93 flew in Wed. with our cat. House is gorgeous and happy-making. Pro moving help flaked on us yesterday, but thanks to friends got some 40% of the truck unloaded anyway. Aiden did more running about than in the previous entire week. Poor kitty is locked in bathroom until truck is emptied.

Previous tenant was apparently a useless *&@#. Left a $2K gas bill, which meant the gas company refused to turn the gas on w/o unreasonable and possibly illegal amounts of proof that we weren't That Guy. This meant no heat yesterday, thus last night we ended up in what hopefully will be the last hotel for a Very Long Time.

I've reluctantly come to the conclusion that I've acquired Yet Another Head Cold, which I suppose is better than the alternative hypothesis of being allergic to spring in MO. Trying to take it easy today while keeping lordandrei from running himself into the ground. C. and I can collapse once Aiden goes to daycare Monday; Andrei has to go start his new job!

Typing this much with only thumbs is making my arms want to fall off, plus the little one is stirring. So going to wrap this up. *waves*