December 8th, 2008

cat: runcat

loopy miscellany

Any Jane Austen fans out there must go read AustenBook - if the characters of Pride and Prejudice had had Facebooks (thanks to ms_katonic)

My friend worldmegan is doing something really awesome, and you might be able to help.

New Turn of Phrase! [behavior]ing like a werewolf: in such a manner as to make you think "Is there a full moon today?" That said, everyone is driving like werewolves today. And cops everywhere. And the moon's not full for another few days yet. The hell?

Remember 405 The Movie? I swear I drove by the little old lady from this today. Ironically, it was on 405. Just a slightly more northern stretch.

Steven Brust wrote a Firefly novel! And it's free! Download it here!