December 1st, 2008

be a light

Post-Thanksgiving update

Some highlights from The Living Artist (aka livingartist) over the last week or so:

What is this painting about? ("Is that a VAGINA?")
Art as Process
I Can't Draw!
Making a Living vs. Selling Out

We avoided Shopping Hell this weekend by escaping to Canada (specifically Vancouver), where we narrowly avoided insane drivers, cursed out our very confused GPS, got soaked in unending cold rain, were plagued by allergies, and got puked upon by an unexpectedly sick toddler; on the other hand, we stayed at a fabulous hotel with an amazing view and a to-die-for breakfast buffet, explored an interesting city with a fantastic arts district, spent relaxing quality time together as a family, and enjoyed an unexpected Thanksgiving dinner with generous friends. It's all in the perspective you choose to take :)

(Though we really do need to visit Vancouver sometime when there's actual sunlight :)