June 20th, 2008

cat: PANIC!


[username]@livejournal.com mail forwarding would appear to be broken, at least to some domains.

If you've sent email to me at livejournal.com recently and I haven't responded, chances are I never got it. Use my username at mac dot com instead.

Grr. (On the other hand, this would explain why mails I've sent to [username]@livejournal.com in the last month or so have gone unanswered.)
firesea: self-portrait

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

This is probably the best information I've yet found about Tara.

Collapse )And, of course, the final piece of the context: note the journal's changed name, jnanacandra, the one of Tara's titles meaning Moon of Wisdom, which I like in part because of the union of the feminine Yesod with the masculine Chokmah. Not to promote myself as a font of wisdom or anything like that, but it does demonstrate some of the aspects of what I aspire to, which is the whole point of a magickal name. Plus, it's pretty ;)