June 6th, 2008

firesea: self-portrait


I did manage to get out in the garden yesterday. Got muddy, but it was worth it. Planted several things and made room to plant lots more.

My memory has been unusually sieve-like lately. Even my usual habit of making nine million to-do textfiles isn't catching the drippage, because I forget that I have the textfiles, or look in the wrong one, or....

But! News! Andrei and I have been invited to speak at Crucible in October! I will post more details later, but it should be immensely cool. The part where we fly cross-country with a two-year-old notwithstanding....

Nifty link du jour: intralimina posted her recent class presentation on Chaos and Aesthetics (the study for which I participated in). Also, I had no idea there were ALife researchers doing interactive evolving art projects! *squees with geeky glee*

I've got a ridiculous number of projects going right now: there's my garden, the ongoing booth-and-business prep for Faerieworlds, the actual *art* for Faerieworlds, NOTOCON work, a Horizon class I'm giving next month, my presentations for Crucible, an essay for Horizon's newsletter, and I've just volunteered to create a piece for shadesong's Blogathon 2008 project. Not to mention keeping the house in shape and taking care of Aiden.

But it's good. As aforementioned, I seem to do better with a million things going on - I may get rushed and stressed and busy, but I *get shit done*, which is more fulfilling by far than just sitting around doing nothing. Funny thing about always feeling like you need more downtime is that when you get it, it just tires you out more. I think the modern-culture meme on the necessity of leisure time is mostly a myth. Work, real Work, is in the end far more fulfilling and energizing than relaxation.
firesea: self-portrait

more miscellany

because i forgot stuff the first time through (see memory==sieve)

Free Obama bumper sticker! Or you can get prettier swag through the campaign store. Any locals interested in going in on one of the Support Packs with us?

I had a video chat with tailerouge this morning and Aiden tried to high-five the screen :) I also got him to type "hi nana". Hee.

I could've sworn there was something else. Oh well.