April 12th, 2008

firesea: self-portrait

ginger theater

We're off to the zoo today, but before I go, a quick recounting of last night.

mlerules and ebony_sphynx had corralled a mob to go see Cabaret at the 5th Ave Theatre. We met up for dinner beforehand at Wild Ginger.

I think that may have been the best food I've ever had in my life. Fragrant Duck. Salmon Satay. Wok Pot Lamb. ZOMG. If any of my foodie friends come to town, I now know where to take them.

The show was decent, though I have to be a heretic and say I think I liked the movie better. I might have gotten more from the show had it been subtitled (Andrei kindly printed the libretto for me to follow along, but it was a different version of the show and missed most of the inter-scene connections). Oh, though, note to self - next season the 5th is doing Sunday in the Park with George. I may have missed Into the Woods this year, but I am *not* missing Sunday in the Park!