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March 9th, 2008

18 months

only a week late....

18 months

-The eighth tooth has *finally* sprouted!

-Aiden is starting to learn how things are used. As much has he hates having his nose wiped, he has picked up a tissue and dabbed it at his own nose. And when he's in the bathroom with me, he has taken a square of toilet paper and tried to stuff it between my legs. He will bring his shoes to me and lift his feet one at a time for me to put them on, and will help put his jacket on and then run to the front door to go outside.

-He's also starting, kind of almost, to not only understand boundaries but respect them (unless, of course, there's something *really* interesting on the other side).

-We're playing games! Full-on interactive games! First it was the kaTHWUMP game, where I would count to three and then drop him on the bed. After a little while of this, it evolved - I would count to three and he would throw himself on the bed! And if I stopped counting, he would grunt in the same cadence I was using to count and then throw himself on the bed. This morning he started counting to three and then pushing me down! It's awesome.

-He also clearly knows the word "chase", because if I start saying it, even when he is looking away from me, he'll start running and laughing. A variation is "ambush", where he will run away, look back, I'll be peering around a corner and hide when I see him, at which he will run back for me to jump out and pounce him, to gales of laughter.

-Bedtime has seen some pretty major changes in the last couple of weeks. I now put him to sleep in his own bed around 8pm, and we actually get a couple of hours to ourselves before we move him into our bed when we go to sleep. And just in the last few days I've started working on getting him to sleep without nursing him the whole way. But those couple of hours each evening have done wonders for my state of mind.

-His 18-month pediatrician appointment measured him at 25.8 pounds and 33.5 inches tall - 45th and 90th percentiles respectively. Tall boy!


Brains and energy.


My recurring problem: remembering that my energy comes not from resting, but from doing the things that fulfill me. Even when I know this in my head, I seem to be fighting against a lifetime of conditioning that the only way to regain energy is to do as little as possible.

How do you break lifelong conditioning like that? I have years of experience countering it, my head knows it's wrong, my heart even knows it most of the time. And yet I find myself being surprised by it approximately twice a week.

I have a lifelong preference for rejecting the "standard" wisdom in favor of finding my own path. Frequently I discover that the standard wisdom is actually correct, or at least has a damned good reason for being the way it is. (Case in point, standardized bedtimes for toddlers. Aiden is *so* much easier to cope with now that he has an 8:00 bedtime....which is the standard wisdom, but I had to try other things first to truly see and understand why.)

How is this related to the source of my energy? Well, here is a place where I feel the standard wisdom (that energy comes from resting) is completely and utterly wrong, and yet I can't shake my own assumptions based on that "wisdom". It's maddening.

On the bright side, I made wings this evening.



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