February 9th, 2008

firesea: self-portrait


So, we caucused! Our group (Snohomish 1st district, Withers precinct) split about 5-2 for Obama, with nearly a hundred people there just for our precinct (one of 17 that were meeting in that location). The room was insane. I don't know what expected turnout was, but I'm guessing it was higher than that.

Downside: each group got a single one-minute speech, which wasn't enough time to do more than "yay [my candidate]"! Unsurprisingly, nobody changed sides (or declared a side, for those who came in uncommitted). And the chaos level was too high to actually talk to people one on one.

Upside: I got a new insight into the nature and benefits of the caucus process - it's more than putting in your statistically insignificant vote. It's about connecting with your community on the basis of ideals and fundamental values.

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On another note, I got yet another smack in the head that I really need to learn sign language. People there were very accommodating about speaking in my direction so I could follow what was going on, and I was even offered sign interpretation - but I couldn't use it since, well, I can't follow more than incredibly basic sign.