November 12th, 2007

firesea: self-portrait


I've been pondering what to write in more detail about my ordination. I could give the specifics of the ceremony (what I remember, anyway - large parts of it are somewhat blurry). I could say how the Mass afterwards felt, which was certainly remarkable, but from a skeptical point of view the differences could as easily be attributed to the large amount of time we spent studying the ritual that morning, or just the heightened anticipation and excitement of the day, rather than any particular mojo imparted by the ordination.

Do I feel different now? Yes and no. I said beforehand that it felt part like a continuation of something that already existed, and part like something wholly new, and that feeling persists after the fact as well.

Any additional authority I have now is minimal at best. I can perform certain ceremonies, but only with the dispensation of my Bishop. I have limited supervisory capacity. Not that much has changed in regards to what I can actually *do*.

For the extent of my time as a Novice (over four years), I have been lifting my hands to the heavens and proclaiming "I am a Priestess." Now certainly I do not need affirmation or approval from any outside source for that to be true. Now, however - the Church, the material manifestation of the energy and archetypes that I choose to work with, has taken my outstretched hands, and said "Yes, you are."