July 28th, 2007

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(No, I'm not doing Blogathon... you didn't miss anything. lordandrei is, though. It's proved fairly entertaining so far, and I'm sure will get more so as the day wears on.)

I struggle with the motivational psychology of [$thing]athons, whether it be a 5k run or a blogathon or - whatever, there are some truly weird ones out there. Collapse )

Anyway, if you made it through all of that, congratulations. And if you feel so moved, go sponsor lordandrei, blogging for Planned Parenthood, and shadesong, blogging for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.
firesea: self-portrait

10 3/4 months

I know it's a week away from time for the monthly update, but here's a quick one anyway.

Aiden is up to four or five steps at a time unassisted, and is VERY PROUD of himself when he does it.

He is also throwing tantrums at the least provocation. Fortunately he is relatively easily distracted from them.

I'm starting to try to teach him "no" when he grabs my glasses, and that when he deliberately throws something on the ground I won't get it for him right away. Interestingly, when he has an object that he's about to drop and I say "don't drop it!" he doesn't. At least not right then.

He's also starting to comprehend the shape sorting toy. He's been fascinated by circles for the last couple of weeks, nesting them inside each other, holding them together, flipping them over, etc. It's so fascinating to watch him figure things out!

Also, as lordandrei has noted, he's been taking things out of boxes, putting them back in, and then searching for the same object to pull out again.

And then there's the pelvic thrusting. Little one, you're too young for Rocky Horror!
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