June 18th, 2007

firesea: self-portrait

*rubs sleep from eyes*

My dreams last night included a very bizarre RoV rehearsal (among other things, my viola had about twenty strings which kept coming off while I tried to adjust the bridge placement during Hertha). And some woman I'd never met was singing Venus' part while pole dancing.

And then I left rehearsal to find Aiden toddling with great alacrity down a hallway.

Just close enough to reality....

Cute picture of yesterday:

Also, from the OLO picnic last month: Collapse )

T'was a nice weekend. Saturday we went to the Edmonds Arts Festival (omgHUGE - must sell art here next year) and waterfaery's baby shower. Sunday we did pretty much nothing.
dragon nebula

(local) Tarot social night

We're having a tarot-themed social night at the house tomorrow (Tuesday) evening, 7-9ish. Bring your weirdest decks, show and tell, do readings for each other, play pin-the-tail-on-the-devil (okay, maybe not)...

If you don't know where our house is, email me ([lj name] at mac dot com)