June 8th, 2007

on fire

Venus has eaten my brain

(who knew she was a zombie? I guess that's the other face of "from my life are fed.... the living and the dead." ;)

We're leaving for the Portland show early afternoon. I still need to pack non-show-related things (like clothes!), pump milk, give my viola solos a few last practice whirls, and convince myself I haven't forgotten any essentials. elocinnuala and I did a makeup dry run yesterday, which was entertaining - while I've worn heavy makeup for skating competitions in high school, a) that was 10 years ago and b) that wasn't really stage makeup.

We also have to drop the cat at the boarding place, and I need to track down a music store on our way out of town so I can get a set of spare viola strings. (Doing a show without spare strings just seems to be tempting fate, and not in that good way. Granted, trying to break in new strings during a show would also be bad, as new strings can't hold their tune for more than a few minutes; but it's the principle of the thing.) Edit: found a Kennelly Keys in Woodinville, right near the Wendy's.

The logistics for tomorrow's baby-wrangling are a bit tangly in my head, but Andrei believes he's got it covered. (Speaking of which, we need a Seattle-local babysitter for the evenings of 6/28 and 7/7 - anyone want to volunteer before we start bugging you one by one :?)

Brains. Brains brains brains brains. BRAAAAAINNNS.

And in my case, outer-space lunatic brains!