March 17th, 2007

firesea: sun/saturn

a diversion

A diversion that randomly floated into my head this morning:

What astrological signs are the Peanuts characters?

I'm thinking Lucy is Scorpio all over. Maybe with a Gemini rising.
Charlie Brown: Pisces, possibly with Gemini rising
Linus: Virgo
Sally: Aquarius
Peppermint Patty: Leo
Marcie: Libra
Snoopy: lordandrei argues Leo with Sagittarius rising, I'm thinking more Cancer/Sag.
Pig-Pen: Capricorn
Schroeder: Sagittarius

Anyone else want to play?


So the initiations today were, er, postponed at the last minute (long story, and Not Our Fault (tm)), which we discovered as we were driving down to Bellevue to drop Aiden with violindaine, who had kindly agreed to watch him for the day. As we were adjusting to this, I commented that we could still drop Aiden off and *gasp* have an afternoon to ourselves.

There was a long silence from the passenger seat as Andrei rebooted his brain to compensate for the shock of this concept.

So we had a date! After *ahem* other activities, we did the one thing it's just not possible to do with a baby - we went to a casino and played poker.

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Then back to Bellevue, dinner, and our baby boy, who had miraculously been relatively happy the whole time! damiana_swan took pictures! And now we're home and Aiden is sleeping peacefully, and I'm *not* utterly exhausted. It feels odd in a way.

(Edit: this was all especially good because it was the first time both Andrei and I have left Aiden with someone else for more than an hour.)

A very good day.