March 13th, 2007

firesea: gate

nanopost: religion + culture

(Those clues from the prior meme post? Ye gods, you people are evil! Working on it....slowly....)

Issue of the day: I've often thought about how a person's chosen religion both reflects and feeds back into their own psychology; and how people tend to choose a religion that either tells them their flaws are okay or supports them against them. (Example: I have a strong tendency to help other people until there's nothing of me left, which I only figured out how to fix when I became a Thelemite.)

Today it occurs to me this might also work on a larger scale. One-true-god religions feed well into tribal, us-vs-them worlds, where it really is eat or be eaten, and now they're HEATHEN as well, so they deserve it.

Today I see two major religious movements; the pagans of all flavors who teach tolerance of every path so long as it allows them their own; and the ultra-fundamentalist Christians, who are the above tribal mentality to the Nth degree. (There are also the radical atheists, who view all religions as tribal throwbacks and a threat to rationalist society, but that's another issue entirely.)

Most of the pagans I know view their position as the progressive one, and the fundamentalist one as the death throes of a tribal throwback. The question is whether there is something in modern culture that engenders and more importantly supports the fundamentalist worldview.

Long nanopost. But a complicated issue. You try it in less than four paragraphs.