January 11th, 2007

firesea: self-portrait

holy shit

Aiden and I spent the day in redmond so lordandrei wouldn't have to drive back up to Snohomish to pick us up for s00j's concert tonight.

At 4:30 Aiden and I were out running errands - and the hail started falling. By the time I got back to andrei's office, the hail was marble-sized. By 5 we were pulling out of our parking space. By 5:30 we'd gotten out of the parking garage. Right now we can almost see the main road off of campus.

One more hour to make it the mile and a half to soul food, where I'm guessing the concert will no longer be happening, but at least it's a warm place to hole up until the weather clears enough to get home.

Hope all the rest of you are warm and safe. I, for one, have had enough freaky weather to last me a decade!
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firesea: self-portrait


We made it to the concert only 10 minutes after 7, s00j hadn't started yet, the concert was lovely, we got a hat! and by the time it was over the roads were crunchy but clear all the way home.

This morning it's astonishingly beautiful outside - but I'll be admiring it from inside, thankyouverymuch.