December 6th, 2006


of crowded laps and breakfast food

Picture, if you will, me sitting in bed, propped up on pillows; my infant son asleep on my chest; the cat draped, purring, across my lap; and my laptop on my thighs.

This happens disturbingly often of late. No wonder I can't get anything done.

In kinda-related-but-not-really news, I forgot to mention in yesterday's state-of-the-aiden post that he seems to have acquired a nickname. It is the fault of his father and MST3K, the Movie. Aiden is now known as:

The Breakfast Pastry.

This lends itself to all sorts of puerile humor, especially when changing his diaper ("unwrapping the breakfast pastry!") and remarking on the nature of the fruity filling that has leaked therefrom.

(Did I mention that I've gained an entirely new appreciation for poop jokes since becoming a parent? It's quite disturbing, and I do try to keep it under wraps, but....)