October 6th, 2006

aiden & mama


Aiden slept for 9 hours straight last night. Nursed a little in his sleep, but not enough to make me have to move at all. (Oh, and the nursing pain is now up to 95% gone, hooray)

Almost makes up for the hours of screaming, gas, and fussiness he's been having in the evenings of late...poor boy.
firesea: self-portrait

A note to reassure myself as much as others

I am still more than the parent of an infant, even if my posting content doesn't reflect that.

It is, however, difficult to construct philosophical treatises, or even to organize your thoughts around them, with a hungry child rooting on your chest. Much easier to whip out a one-handed note on what cute thing he did today, and at least then you've made some semblance of communication with the outside world.