September 22nd, 2006

aiden & mama

remote-control breasts??

So I'm sitting on the bed, a sleeping Aiden in my lap, a purring Nuit snuggled up as close as she can get to being in my lap, talking with Andrei.

Suddenly, the precious sleeping child lets rip a cacophonous, GIGANTIC dump.

And as if on cue, both of my breasts start leaking like a sieve.

Happy fall!

Intimate Fire's equinox ritual rocked tonight. We weren't expecting great attendance, as we're still figuring out the whole self-promotion thing - but we had sixteen people show up!

Had wonderful conversations after with some of the attendees, who ranged from the magickally experienced in other traditions to those who had never seen anything like this before. It seems Everett and environs has the makings of a fantastic magickal community!

The ritual, for those who are interested, is online here.

Aiden slept through the whole thing :)

I drew this oracle:
Do good unto others for its own sake, not for reward, not for gratitude from them, not for sympathy. If thou art generous, thou wilt not long for thine ears to be tickled by expressions of gratitude.
--Liber Librae, verse 11

Interesting. But not, I suppose, inapplicable to my new work as a mother.