August 28th, 2006

firesea: self-portrait


There have been times in the past where I have felt guilty or lazy for the fact that on a full painting day I would generally only actually have brush to canvas for 4-6 hours.

I think I was underestimating the amount of energy painting takes - not just physical, but mental, emotional, creative, and magickal as well.

My evidence for this?

That at 9 months pregnant, an hour of painting makes me feel like a pre-pregnant me just hiked 6 miles. Uphill. In the snow. With a duck on my head.

It's that accomplished, weary-yet-energized tired, though. And it's a goooood painting :)

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I had this moderately pithy thought just now: "Politics is gossip, overlaid with the thin veneer of something that actually matters."

Except that's not necessarily true. Politics, at its purest, is the perfect melding of philosophy with human interaction. It's just that gossip is easier and quicker for people, so it usually devolves into that, especially in a mass-media-based culture such as ours.

Gossip? For all its bad reputation, at its heart it is nothing more than an attempt to make sense of the vagaries of human behavior, and connect with others while doing so. I wouldn't call that something that doesn't matter.

And philosophy is, I believe, the endless pursuit of black and white building blocks beneath a shifting sea of greys.