May 3rd, 2006

firesea: self-portrait


Pardon me while I go temporarily insane.

So, apparently there are these unwritten rules when it comes to making baby gear:
Baby clothes and blankets = pastels
Baby toys = bright primary colors

I want bright red onesies, dammit! And deep, vibrant blue and purple baby blankets!

It's even practical. Spit-up stains have *got* to show less on a saturated color. Maybe it's a holdover from before there was color-safe bleach?

I swear, there's an untapped niche market here. If I weren't about to have a child, and was slightly more inclined to large amounts of sewing, and felt like taking on Yet Another Business Venture, I'd start my own shop of Baby Stuff in Real Colors (tm).

firesea: self-portrait

Oh boy.

And apparently it's one of those days. Where I can sit and stare at my icon from this and the previous post for five minutes without realizing, mesmerized.

And I have five bookcases being delivered in an hour and a half. Things to do! Stuff to clean! Space to create! But... shiny... kitty... going to catch it any minute now....

Caffeine. Yes. That should help.