March 31st, 2006

firesea: self-portrait


Spent all day so far (and a significant part of this past week) running about preparing for and obsessing about my group show; in less than three hours I go over to the gallery to set up.

It should be a good show; I don't have as much new stuff as I was hoping I would, but given that I've just in the last two weeks come off of a three-month creative dry spell, I'm still not doing too badly. There will be three brand new works, plus a few that haven't been up in either gallery yet, plus a fairly big switcheroo between the stuff that's been at AoS and the stuff that's been at Offset Corner. So - maintaining optimism and excitement.

Right now, though? I'm f*@$ing TIRED. I would nap, but I must eat, and in an hour check on the status of one of the new works which is drying in its mounting, and then frame it, and put the rest of the new paintings in the car, and contact Norwescon again, and change my clothes (while I think there's a decent chance my fellow featured artists would be amused by this t-shirt, it's not really in line with my attempting to maintain a professional image among my peers.)

Oh, and that interview I mentioned a couple days ago? It'll be in the Snohomish County Tribune next Wednesday :) I also posted my full responses to her questions on firesea here.
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