March 10th, 2006

firesea: self-portrait

Dude. Coolest. Dream. EVAR.


So the first bit involved me coming out of my house one morning and finding a bizarre set of booby traps. Bizarre in that their conceptualization was reasonably clever, but the execution was blazingly obvious. There was this giant rope (like 2" diameter) strung as a tripwire, connected to a big batch of explosives. There was a lawn ornament rigged to throw a net on me if I stepped on an X. And - dammit, I've forgotten the others, but they were SO COOL. In that "extremely nifty gadget but why on earth would you do it this way?" sense.

So I come out to get the mail, stare at the booby traps, and proceed to have a conversation with some friends (who helpfully materialized) about who would be out to get me in such an ingenious-yet-idiotic fashion. We speculated a bit and then went on with our day.

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